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A Simple Meditation

I receive many questions about how one may evolve in their spiritual life. To me this means becoming one with a higher power. However, to do this one must also become one with the
life force that connects us all and in that understand that we are in only on of many dimensions in this universe. Ours in one of matter which vibrates at a very low frequency. As Einstein stated “ matter is simply energy vibrating at a very low frequency. As we are matter we can only perceive that which vibrates at this frequency”. However, i do not completely aft with him on this one.

A List Of Difficult Questions I Am Often Asked As A Psychic

A list of difficult questions I am often asked as a psychic.

Many people want to believe that their futures are predestined and not a result of the choices they make with their own free will.
I am finding myself challenged on a daily basis answering questions that rely on the actions taken by the one asking. Here are some
I received today that reflect the differences between expectations of what the future holds and my responses in which I attempt to
explain the reality of the situation.



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