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I am probably the only online psychic who will do a spell with you over the phone. The point is that when two people mix energy together it can be very, very powerful. I have a lot of experience doing energy work with others. Because of this, I also know what will work for the benefit of your goals and what may not be so good... I only use white light, positive energy and never use dark forces....The way I do my energy work makes it safe for you so that no negative forces can have access to your being To achieve this, creating the psychic circle of protection is very important... You will need your list, a bowl of water, a bowl of salt, a knife, a cup of red wine (if you indulge) and music that will put you in the mood for a trance, Place any items you may have that will be relevant to the goal we will be focusing on, in front of you. we use them as a link to your goal.. Have both the bowl of water and salt with the knife laid ready. Behind the bowls have the red candles for love. (Preferably male and female candles) We begin by drawing up the white light from your feet and feeling it flow through your body. use it to protect yourself and the area you are working in. Now place the knife in the bowl of water and say, "I exorcise thee creature of water, and cast out from thee all impurities and uncleanliness of the spirit world of phantasm." Put the knife in the bowl of salt and say, "Blessings be upon this creature of salt. Let all malignity and hindrance be cast away and let all good and only good enter . I now bless thee, so that you may aid me in this endeavor, in the names of the guardian angles who will protect me . Raphael,Michael,Gabriel,Ariel Pour the water into the salt and lay both bowls aside. Now imagine white light projecting from your hands (I will be sending you white light as well, for this purpose) and use it to form a protective circle around your area. Say " I conjure up the circle of power, to be only a place of positive energy and protection. It will be a shield against all evil. A boundary between the worlds of men and the spirit world. It will be a place of peace, that will preserve and contain all the power that we shall raise within . Now take your bowl of salt water and flick it lightly with your fingers to create the barrier for your circle of protection which we will be creating next. Now, begin to imagine the white light coming from the ground, through your feet, up through your head, over your body, and extending out through your hands. use your hands to direct the energy into the area of protection or the edge of your circle and slowly fill the circle with the white light until it is filled..I imagine it as an egg shaped container with me in the middle. Not spirits can pass it's boundary if it is done right... Now turn to the east and say "Lords of watchtowers of the East, lord of air, I call upon you angel Raphael. to aid me in my magical work and guard my circle. Then say "Yod He Vau He" Now turn to the south and say "Lord of watchtowers of the South, Lord of fire, Angel Michael, I call you up to aid me in my magical work and guard my circle." Then say "Adoni" Then face the West and say, "Lord of the watchtowers of the West, angel Gabriel, Lord of water, I call you up to aid me in my magical work and guard my circle. Then say "Eheieh" Now turn to the North and say " Lord of the watchtowers of the North, angel Auriel, angel of Earth, I do call you up to aid me in my magical work guard my circle. Then say "Agla" OK you have now called upon the angles of protection if you have visualized them strongly they will be there. We now go into the Quabilistic cross. Touch your forehead (third eye) and say "Ateh" Touch your heart and say "Malkuth" Touch your right shoulder and say "VE Geburah" Touch your left shoulder and say "VE Gedulah" Clasp both hands to your breast and say "LE Olhan Amen" Here is where we start to build some serious psychic energy. We draw life (earth) energy from the ground and pull it through our body starting from our feet while we watch and feel it course through our body. We notice it as it fills our energy points in our body, sex, belly, solar plexus and heart. sometimes these areas need extra filling due to trauma that comes with difficult life situations that we have experienced.. After these have been filled with the white light we move up to the throat and then the third eye in the middle of our forehead... This is an important energy point as it helps us develop our "second sight" so pay attention to it... Once we are finished with our third eye, we allow the white light energy to flow out of the top of our head and cover our entire body with the positive white light of psychic life energy. After we have done this, feel the white light energy fill your hands and also it to transfer from one hand to the other. Let it swirl between your hands like a tornado as it builds up momentum and goes faster and faster.... The more longer you do this , the more powerful it becomes.. When you reach the point where you can really feel the power of the psychic energy, start to say the things in your list that you are asking to manifest in your life. Keep saying your list over and over faster and faster in rhythm with the intensity of the swirling energy. when it finally reaches a point where you almost feel overloaded with this energy, stop and let it go, send it off into the universe and say " bring it to me" Then lift your cup of wine and say "Hurrahyh" Drink and giggle. Now you may close the circle. it is important that you release all the angels Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Auriel, and thank them for joining you or their energy will stick around and be a bit grumpy for keeping them there. Weird things happen if you forget to release the guardians of the watchtowers. Good luck this is an ancient ritual, It works, be careful what you ask for. For more information on doing this over the phone with Joan, you may contact her by calling 866-845-6680 Joan is a white light energy practitioner who only uses her psychic ability for the greater good of all. Manifestation rituals are only meant to be focused on positive outcomes. She is also a tarot reader and gives free sample psychic reading so you can test her psychic abilities for yourself.. Most online psychics who offer a free email reading never answer your email questions. Joan takes care to answer her free psychic reading emails every evenings. She takes great pride in giving accurate psychic readings... Joan only gives free sample readings via email. She does not accept phone calls for free readings. No exceptions..


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