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Curse removal scam

There is an old scam that some so called "psychics" use to scare you into giving them, money. They tell you that you have had trouble in life due to "negative energy" creating blocks or that you have a "generational curse" on you or that someone, possibly your ex's new girlfriend has "had work done" to keep you two apart and that you must have it removed. They will tell you that some one has created this negative energy and you must pay them to remove it. The problem is that they tell this to everyone who consults them.
It is a numbers game to them to see who has the money and who actually believes them.

They know you are having difficult times, they also know that loves makes people crazy and sometimes we will do anything to get out lover to return. So they tell you that they can help you, but then when you pay them money and nothing happens, they tell you the there is to much "negative energy" and they need more money to remove it. They will also scare you by telling you that if you do not pay them you will never speak to your ex again and will have no hope of getting them back.

If a psychic does not actually do the energy work with you, then be assured that it is not being done. Also be aware that most of the psychics doing the reuniting lost lovers are a scam.

If you are consulting a psychic because you have been having trouble finding a job, be aware that this is due to the economy, not to negative energy or a generations curse.This is happening to a lot of people right now. Life is hard, the economy is bad and things happen.

This is one of the reasons I answer a free psychic question. So people can be aware of these scams before they are taken in by them.

Life does get better as you get older and learn a few things about how to handle situations. Particularly when it comes to love, money and jobs.
But I have to tell you that no one has put any negative energy on you. This "psychic" is just telling everyone this to see who will fall for it and give her money. If you want more information on someone who who has told you that you will have bad luck all your life if you do not pay them to remove it, ask me about it in your free psychic reading
Be careful who you believe. Life lesson #1.

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