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Did I ruin my relationship by sending an angry text?

Here is a question that may look like a disaster, but is actually hopeful, that came in my free psychic reading email.

I think I ruined my relationship with my boyfriend . We didn't get to meet as scheduled this month. We had a bad very hurtful argument. I sent him something in a text (an angel) he sent me. I need to know if it can be repaired and what I need to do. Thank you

He needs space and time to review the situation. He is extremely hurt. He is seeing a pattern in your relationship in the way you relate that has worn him down.
You must wait him out and give him some space. For you two to reunite, as much as this is going to hurt, you must not attempt to contact him any further than sending an apology and giving him some time. If he does not respond within three weeks you know that he is not ready for communication or to see you.

However, if you give him three months, of silence after he does not respond and then send him sweet kind note as a friend thanking him for the things he i taught you about relationships and hoping that someday he will be able to accept your friendship, then you may be able to slowly repair the relationship over time as a friend. When you do meet him again, do not talk about the relationship pr what went wrong. Just be his friend
and allow things to SLOWLY fall back into the friendship you two had before sex became a part of the picture. Remember, sex will not be what brings you back together, friendship is.

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