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Easy Love Spell

This spell is an easy one so you can do it on a daily basis if you choose. Remember to ask your free psychic question.

First find a quite place to sit and then begin by envisioning yourself drawing life energy
( that which connects us all) up from the earth, through the base of our spine and then through our center of our bodies, our sex, our belly, our solar plexus and our hearts, our throats out third eye and have it spill out through the top of our head to surround our body in an egg of white light.

Then use your finger to direct the white light to create a sphere around the area you are sitting in to protect you from any outside influences.

Now visualize the perfect feeling of love that you can reciprocate. It must be something that you consider to be a healthy relationship and in your mind ( or out loud) start asking for it. Be very specific as to what you want in a love.

As you do this hold your hands out in front of you as if you a holding a big ball ( basket ball size) then envision the white light swirling around between your hands building in strength and momentum as you ask for what you want over and over until you feel it is very powerful.

You should be able to feel yourself "tingle" with the energy between your hands after you have done this a few times..
when you feel the energy is really powerful, release it out into the the world and say, bring my love to me.

Then throughout your day, when you see potential love interests, make eye contact while smiling for two seconds. You will find you meet a LOT of love interests this way.

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