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Free Will VS Destiny

I have so many requests in my free psychic reading email to explain the process of fate, destiny and how it all works that I have put some of my answers here.


My name is Kate and I am 16 years old, I will be a junior in the fall of 2014. All my life I have dreamt of performing (dancing, acting, sing, etc)For a career. I grew up going to a Catholic school, constantly bullied saying I'd never make it. Despite this, I stayed true to myself, the harsh words only making me stronger. After all, they've never seen my act. However, we had a school talent show several years back. I sang for it and several of my teachers were in tears from how beautiful it was, and I became known as 'the girl with the voice'.

Once I moved from Wisconsin to California when I was 12, I started to slowly give up hope in that dream. I didn't have the money or the time for a serious acting career, or sing, for that matter.


I am currently in a revival of the 70s broadway musical, "Godspell", which is the first actual play I have been in in five years (which is very sad, considering I attend a performing arts high school). Around the time we began working on this production, my style in dress changed drastically from punk rock chick to someone very fashion forward. I became very interested in fashion and developed quite an eye for detail.

This is what made me start to consider a career in fashion designing and merchandising. I was very excited about this new possibility in my life for a while, but then I became depressed because it made me feel like I was giving up my dream of entertaining. I wasn't ready to give up a dream I have held onto since I was barely in elementary school.

I am very aware that both of these career paths are difficult to be successful in, but I also know if I was to succeed, I'd be set financially. More than set. And that is very important to me because I am hoping to have a family when I become an adult, as well as travel to places I've always wanted to go. I'd love to give my kids the things I never had, even though I was very lucky growing up, there were plenty of things I would have changed.

Which career path will I be successful enough in in order to do these things, but still be happy at the same time? Will I be able to make my future family happy? Will I be staying in California once I succeed in either of these fields?

Thank you so much,



Free will Vs Destiny is a topic that people usually debate on, it is said that if you work hard enough you can change your destiny. I read about such an article in superior paper reviews, now this girl cant just let herself be and say whichever career is written in my destiny will come to me, you have to work hard for what you want and you will achiever it eventually,


This is just crazy mumbo jumbo no one believes in, i dont believe in this and i really do not apreciate your site promoting this, you should check out how bid4papers is and how nice that site is and just compare that to your self, you guys lack way behind!

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