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He was really into me and then he just pulled away

I get a lot of questions about men who chase a girl and then pull away once he has her, in my free psychic question email. Here is the question and my response;

I was with this guy who chased my like crazy, He called and texed me every day. He was jelaous of every guy I talked to, he even talked of marriage. Then once I was comfortable in the relationship, he suddenly pulled back. He said he needs his space. What happened?

I feel that you might have caused him to pull back by being to aggressive in your texts with him. He is wanting to take it slow and if you allow him to do it this way and do not try to control the relationship, he will become interested again.
Men like to chase, not be chased..
You will have another chance with him but you must learn to pay attention to the masculine/ feminine dynamic of this relationship and not become the masculine party by trying to take control of the situation ( you may have been a bit over enthusiastic in your approach)
All to often, a man will chase a woman until he finally has her and then he feels he can relax. In the meantime the woman becomes over confidant that he now loves her, so she starts to call and text him. She feels she is giving him the assurance that he does now in fact have her.. This may sound logical to the girls, but to the guys it creates a subconscious feeling of loss of excitement. The men often pull back just a bit. The problem is that the women sense this and try to make things better by reaching out to him out, calling and texting, initiating contact , often to plan their get togethers. When the man used to do it in the beginning of the relationship, she takes over without realizing it and becomes the masculine party.
This causes the man to feel pursued. It causes a shift in his subconscious mind and he pulls away more. He does not call as much, he shows less interest. The woman then responds by calling and texting him more, asking him what is wrong.
He honestly does not know, but he starts to feel that the relationship no longer interesting. He starts to look at other women and decides he "needs some time away" from her.

Ever had this happen to you? But you then you did what you had to do to keep the relationship together
Unfortunately, you actually contributed to it's demise.
You see , the guy will always reach a place when he needs a bit of space. If the woman starts to pursue he will pull away more. If she gives him his space, chances are he will pull away from him for a short time, realize that he misses her and come back stronger than ever..
A woman pursuing a man creates an imbalance in the masculine feminine dynamic of the relationship. When she starts to call and text first to establish contact, she takes on the masculine role in the relationship, the role he had when he was chasing her. Her taking on the role of the pursuer, the masculine role, causes the man to pull away. In a sense she has become the masculine party and it is a big turn of to the man. He must be allowed to be the masculine one the one to pursue. When he takes a break, she must allow him to do so. In this way he can miss her and come back even more the masculine party than before.. This often is when he decides to make even more of a commitment to the relationship..


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