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How do I protect myself from negative spirits?

People are asking me a lot of questions about how to protect themselves from negative spirits in my free psychic readings.

Any natural psychic is going to attract a spirit from time to time. Most are benign and just want someone in this world who can hear them. But they can be annoying and occasionally we get one we would rather not deal with. It is quite easy to make them go away but not many people know how. I have gotten this question so many times in my free psychic question email, that I have decided to give you the exact process of protecting yourself from spirits here.

OK, first of all you ARE stronger that any spirit as you live in the physical world and they are just visiting. sometimes they try to stay here and do find a way to shift in and out of the physical realm, but this it OUR turf. This is the realm of the living and we ARE the living.
So when a pesky spirit wants too much attention from you, this is how you make them leave you alone.
We use life energy, it is the energy that connects us all, psychic energy that we can draw directly from the earth and use to our advantage. This is much stronger than any energy that a spirit can manifest in this world as they must draw upon the energy around them to manifest in this world and it is extremely difficult for them to do so. It is actually quite easy for us to draw up life energy and use it to give a bit more oomph to our own psychic energy.

This is how you do it.
You sit on the floor or a chair and take 5 deep breaths, then you visualize
Yourself drawing up brown energy from the earth up through the base of your spine and draw it up through the center of your body, through your sex, ( very potent energy) through your belly, your solar plexus through your heart and your throat, through your third eye area and then watch it spill out the top of your head to surround you in a brilliant white light of spirit energy. If you do this for awhile you will be able to feel it and manipulate it by swirling it between your two hands like a cyclone ( tornado) . It should feel like a tingling sensation in your hands and often around your body.
Then use this energy to draw a circle around yourself that is you circle of protection. you will find that no spirit can break this circle of protection. Then continue to build up this energy while saying "spirit begone, leave this place and go back to your own world. Continue to do this, building up the energy between your hands until you feel that enough has been created to have a potent force. Then direct the ball of energy to that places in your area, home, or wherever you feel the spirits have been inhabiting and throw it out to them.
They will leave you alone if you do this..
you may also learn to build up the white light and use it to protect yourself at any time during the day to keep out negativity from others and to control the "vibe" in your own spaced.
It works quite well in keeping out the unwanted negativity of others as well as keeping away negative spirits.


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