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How To Create Positive Energy In Your Life

Creating positive energy isn't always an easy thing. Particularly when we have no choice but to deal with the negativity of those around us. Often it's in the workplace, sometimes in our personal relationships, or attached to those that we love.


So I'm going to teach you a meditation. It only takes a few seconds to help you center and balance your energy, your chakras, and your mind to protect yourself from the negativity of this sometimes difficult, world.


Okay, we are going to start with connecting to that which connects us all. We are going to learn how to draw earth energy through our feet and spirit energy through the top of our head. Then with a deep breath to calm our bodies, we are going to learn how to create positive energy surround ourselves with it, and use it to protect ourselves.


However, before we start, you must remember one thing. When someone is trying to engage you in the negativity you must not react in kind. As some people are addicted to their own negative behavior and will try and draw you in, you must not react unless your life is in danger.


So we begin. You start this by feeling the energy in your lowest chakra, which we called the ” root” chakra. This is where your sex organs are and the basis of life and reproduction. This is very powerful energy. Now while focusing on that root energy, imagine you are reaching down through your legs and the bottom of your feet and growing tree roots into the ground (even if you are on the top floor of the building you can do this) and begin to pull energy from the earth, the mother of which gave us our bodies. and pull the energy up through your feet, legs and root chakra and into our solar plexus, which is right above the belly.


Now simply keep that energy there. Sometimes you will feel it and sometimes if you are starting out, and unsure of yourself, you won't. But, if you visualize it every time you do this, it will work.


Now we are going to visualize the top of our head opening up and we are reaching into spirit energy, which is the divine. We're visualizing the white light of spirit energy, or whatever color you envision it to be, coming down through the top of your head. You're pulling it down to your third eye in your forehead through your throat and then through your heart and meeting the earth energy in your solar plexus. Now you are allowing both energies to mix within your body and focus on the places that have been hurt, or could be hurt by the negativity of the person who is trying to cause it. This is usually something you feel in your heart and in your belly chakra.


I want you to focus on which area hurts the most and use both the earth and spirit energy to fill that area while you think of a happier moment in your life, a time when you felt confident and strong. Or, you can think about a goal a plan for something you believe would make you happy. Stay focused on that thought. Mix the energy together and then use that energy by projecting it from your heart and/or your belly to surround your body with protective white light of positive energy.


If you practice this short meditation long enough, it will become an effective tool in removing and keeping away the negativity of others. Those who may not be as advanced emotionally, and who will try to put their unhealthy attitudes and energy on others to feed there own emotional need for negativity. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who will do this. As you have no control over them or their actions, you only have control over your own actions and thoughts. By using this simple exercise, while refusing to react to them, you actually can change their behavior towards you. But remember do not react with negativity, do not raise your voice. Be gentle and calm and if necessary, walk away.






Be more positive. Life can be however yet we are harder! You can make it. Like one savvy man once said: "Never, never, never surrender!" He was correct. Simply continue going regardless of the possibility that you would prefer not to. In the event that you are drained then simply keep doing what you do and you will perceive how you endure. Online Essay Writing Service. Furthermore, later you will be pleased with yourself for not surrendering. It is justified, despite all the trouble. Believe me.


There are lots of ways how to get more energy when you are too tired to even do something. Sometimes we have so much stuff going on in our lives and we just wish we could get a 5 minute break or that tomorrow your boss will call and say you dont have to go to work tomorrow because he wants to give you a day off. Or school holiday will come sooner. Or children will grow up faster.


I think many if not every one of us experience a time, for example, this. Rather than understanding our own particular qualities,US Assignment Corp, positive qualities and incredible numerous magnificent solaces life has managed us we fall under a dark cloud that appears to pour downward on our heads every day.


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This is effective vitality. Presently while concentrating on that root vitality, envision you are coming to down through your legs and the base of your feet and developing tree roots into the ground (regardless of the possibility that you are on the top floor of the building you can do this) and start to force vitality from the earth, the mother of which gave us our bodies. HQ Bombshell Costume Jacket

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