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How to lay a spread - Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross method can be a very powerful way to use tarot to understand what is happening in the life of the individual you are reading for. We do this by pulling ten cards. The traditional way is to pull from the top of the deck, but I like to cut into the deck and allow my subconscious to choose the cards.

1. Here is how we do it. The first card covers the situation. what is the strongest question in their mind. We say "this cover it"

2. The second card is laid across the first one. It represents issues and situations that are counter productive in their lives. Obstacles. We say "This one crosses them"

3. What is on their mind or what they "Should " be thinking of. We say "this one is above him".

4. We place this beneath the other cards on the bottom. It represents The root of the problem. The issues and situations that that brought them to this point.

5. Is placed to the left. It represents that past that may be affecting the present issue. We say " this is behind them".

6. The sixth card is placed to the right in front of the spread. It represents the immediate future, or the future that may be difficult to change as it is so close. We say "this is before them"

7. We place the seventh card on the far right bottom. It represents What worries them as well as what they are hoping for.. We say "hopes and fears" with this one.

8. The eight card is placed about the 7th. It represents that people and opinions, or in some circumstances that karma that surrounds the situation. We say "karma, influences"

9. The ninth card is placed above the eight. This represents the Life lessons, issues that they are likely to face on their present course. We say " Issues affecting outcome"

10. The tenth card is placed at the top. It represents where things are heading with the present course of action. We say "outcome".

Of course, with the proper advice they CAN change their course of action to have a better outcome, if the outcome in the cards is not what is desired. We were all given free will to make choices and create our own fate.



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