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How to raise energy for your spells

Here is a practice we call "grounding". It is a way to raise energy by connecting into the earth life force.
Take many deep breaths, breath in to the count of four and breath out to the count of four.
Focus on feeling the life energy running through your body. It feels like a warm electric current running through your skin muscles and nerves. It is a warm tingly feeling.

Now feel your life energy, connecting to the earth through your sex center.. Let it run down through your body and connect to the earth through your sex.
As sex is the creator of life it is the place to connect to the life energy that is connected to all living things. All inanimate things as well, but that is for another time.
Use your breath to connect your life energy to the earth through focusing on your sex and using it to push your energy into the ground through your legs.

Now, when you feel your energy go deep into the earth, release any negativity that you may be carrying with you into the earth. Do this using your breath.
Use your breath to push the energy where you want it to go. Eventually you will be able to move the energy just by willing it to move, but a good way to start is to use your breath to push it where you want it to go.

Once your energy is connected with the earth and your negativity is released into the earth, start to draw earth energy up into your body. Use your breath and will to draw earth energy up into your body, through your legs and into your sex filling it with energy.

Now feel it running up through your body, through your seven energy centers.

Feel your breath pulling it up through your sex, your belly, your solar plexus , your heart, your throat, your third eye in the middle of your forehead and out through the top of your head to surround your body in an sphere of white light.

Now imagine the energy running up your body and through your arms.
you are now ready to direct this energy for manifestation.

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