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I have been having dreams of someone who has passed on.

Here is a good question from my free psychic question email about psychic dreams of someone who has passed on.

I have been having dreams of someone I knew, but was not close with, who has passed on.
I was wondering if you could explain to me what the connection is.

These connections are hard to explain. They just "are". Often it is because you are open to them and they are able to get through. Hence,they becomes one of your spirit contacts and even a guide at times.
Often a spirit is looking to make contact with the living but find that most are not able to "hear" them or not psychically open to receive messages. They will start with the people who were the closest to them and then in frustration, go looking for anyone within their circle who might be able to receive their messages. As we are more deeply in touch with our subconscious mind when we are asleep, we are more likely to make a "connection" with the spirit they come to us through our dreams.
A newly departed spirit has to learn how to navigate within their new environment, a new way of doing things without a physical body. So it can be hit and miss for them just as it is for us when we are trying to learn something new . The difference is that they do not have any manuals to show them how to reach across and get our attention much les communicate with us...

Listen to these dreams, become familiar with the voice and see if you can sense it during waking times as well. If you are able to listen, they will talk. They will not be there all the time, spirits have their own things to do and are not in constant contact with the living, but you will find that they are there when you need them..



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