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I have texed him too many times and now he doesn't respond

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I've written to him about 3 or four times in the last 3 months. But, I have not heard back from him. I still want to write to him again, but I am afraid to because it will just makes me appear needy. Can you elaborate on I how should interact with him?

You wrote too many messages too him, which scared him away. Men do not like to be chased. They like to be the ones pursuing. The minute they are pursued, they pull away because they view you as needy and not mysterious.
There is also a female involved in his life at the moment. She is not pleased with the interactions between you two. It is creating great strife between them. I also sense they have children with each other as well, further complicating the situation.
If you want to keep him in your life, here is how you handle you the situation: one day you randomly send him one text thanking him for one way he has helped you as a friend. You are going to have to slowly rebuild this relationship as acquaintances because you have scared him away from emailing too much. If he responds then and only then; you slowly move towards rekindling a friendship. However, this friendship can no longer be based on romance. It needs to be based on common interests such as hobbies and just shooting the breeze. I do not see a romantic future between the two of you.

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It is common for an ex to not respond after breaking up. Remember that after separation there is nothing one could do about it. Read the australian-writings where you will find more of similar instances and how they got out of their troubles. Approaching a counselor is the best way according to me.


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