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I met a guy on a sex site and now I am in love with him


I went on a site to meet men just for sex. I found someone I really enjoy spending time with, but he seems like he only wants me for sex.

Is there any way I can have a real romantic relationship with him. I have been seeing him for seven months.


I have had this one in my free psychic question email a few times and it always seems to end up in the same way

I would like to tell you to walk away from him, but I do not think you can at this point.
I do not feel you will be able to have the kind of relationship you want from him.
Let me explain, women bond chemically over sex. Men do not always bond over sex as much as they bond mentally and emotionally over companionship and having their practical needs met in terms of what they really want in a relationship. Men can allow their practical side take over when it comes to commitment. He met you when he was looking for sex, he knows that you like it as well, so when he is with you he is going to accept your desire, but still will not commit to you, period. His emotions do not work in the same way as yours do.
My prediction is that if you go to a regular dating site and spend some time looking for what you want in a relationship, you will find it. If you keep meeting men on a sexually oriented site, you will repeatedly get your heart broken. I am not saying this out some outdated sense of morality but out of practicality.
Most people do not understand the chemistry of female bonding. Many men feel that women can treat a strictly sexual relationship as they do with no serious emotional attachments or commitment. This is simply not the case for women. As I have learned in my seventeen years of giving readings and a deep study of the bonding mechanisms of men and women, a man will not commit to a woman who he can sex with whenever he wants, if she does not meet his practical needs or wants. He can have you whenever he wants so why should he change things?
The good news as that if you do eventually distance yourself from him, if you get to that point when you are finally sick of getting your heart trampled on, you will get over it and heal. Then you will be ready for another, more serious relationship.


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