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I sense that spirits are trying to communicate with me.

People are always asking me about messages from spirits in my free psychic reading email that I decided to explain to them why these spirits attempt to communicate.

It is not so much the message, as they just want to communicate.
They tend to choose some one who was close to them in life, or is a blood relative who may be psychically open. You may want to pay attention to your dreams and learn to relax and use some of the meditation techniques on my site to help you become more open to them.

Spirits who lived in this world ( the physical realm) still have a connection to and hence an interest in, this world. I get a lot of spirits who want to connect and do not necessarily have particular message as much as they just want to connect.
There still seems to be a certain social aspect to spirits I have found.

I have been in houses that were over 300 years old which had quite a few spirits in them and noticed these spirits clamoring to get through to me just to communicate. Many of these spirits were on this earth over two hundred years and fifty ago and did not have any connection to the family presently living in that house at this time. The sense that I had from them was curiosity. Wanting to see what was happening in the physical world, wanting to know about the new person ( me) who was visiting their home.

It was interesting as they were aware of my psychic openness and wanted to communicate, to ask me questions to perceive the world as I experienced it.
They were not malicious or angry, not desperately trying to get a message across, just curious and wanting to connect. Honestly, I found them just a bit annoying and had to put up a shield to keep them out so I could sleep.
Most spirits are not malicious or angry, they just still have a connection with the physical world and want to stay connected. Often, through the living. But it s harmless with the exception of the distraction in your psychic space and the chill you feel when they try to materialize in some way in your presence.

Just remember you are much more powerful in the physical world that they and if they are annoying you you CAN make them leave you alone.
I however, often find them amusing and often allow them to entertain me with their presence and communication. you can learn a lot from spirits.

As I have strong medium-ship abilities, I am able to answer your spirit centered questions via email in which I offer to answer 1 free psychic question.
It is not always easy to channel an spirit of a loved one via an email question, but I can shed some light on what in happening in the afterlife with your departed loved one.



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