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If you fear that you are being followed by demons or negative entities

I do get email from a few people who feel they are being harassed by negative spirits. They ask me how to get rid of them. So here is what the issue is, why you are attracting them and how to remove them.

If you are attracting these entities it is because you are psychic and far to open. This means that you must learn to control the energy around you so that you are not being influenced by these things or attracting them. You can make them go away and still be psychic and open to receive psychic impressions but you must learn how to close yourself off to anything you don't want to come in to your mental space.

Here is the thing. Those who walk the earth like you and me are actually stronger (in the physical realm) that those in the spiritual realm. You must learn to project your energy to be in control of your spiritual environment and how you relate to these spirit forms. Also these forces are neither good or bad, they are affected by the energy you put into them. You are afraid and hence they reflect what you are putting out. If they did not have a human life on earth ant one time, they do not know what is positive or negative, just what you seem to be (emotions , the energy you put out from your emotions) reacting towards them so they become what you project. You are more powerful than you know when it comes to dealing with these forces.
If they were spirits of the departed ( from the physical world, or someone who had lived on the earth) they would be more focused in their energy. But you have attracted energy beings from the other side who never lived in this world. That happened some times. They are curious about this world and do not understand if they are upsetting you or not. So you must learn to protect your self and put out positive energy when dealing with them. Also you CAN shut them off. But it is something you must learn to do.
Look up "psychic protection" on my site. You will find ways to do this that work for you. Each person is different and you must learn what works for you.

I bring up the withe light, or life energy and use it to surround me, practice deep breathing to calm down and then use a mirror over whatever part of my energy field that I feel may be vulnerable. It is either your belly, solar plexus, your third eye or your throat. Then you ask them nicely to leave you alone as they are annoying you.

If you make the energy in the area you are in thick with white light, they literally cannot function in that area and they will have to leave. also if you do not give them any energy, they will not be so interested in you.

In the mean time, realize that they cannot hurt you physically. they do not mean you any harm at all they are just reflecting your fear and confusion as you do not understand them any more than they understand you. Yes, they make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. This is actually a physical reaction to the change created when they use energy to "reach out" but you can stop them by simply shutting them out and bringing up the white light. They do not understand what they are doing, so you must set boundaries..

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