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Is my guy player?


I have an issue to ask in your free psychic question offer that has been interfering with my peace of mind.
I met My guy about a year ago unexpectedly and , initially I didn't like him/ didn't want to get involved with him . Of course I did anyway and haven't been able to get him out of my mind. I am obsessing on him now him and some feelings have stirred in me that I've never felt before, like love, for example ( or at least think it's love I feel). I thought he may have been infatuated with me at one point and over time, he confused me or I confused myself. I don't know but I acted like I didn't like him when I really did and I thought he just wanted to "have fun" and get his rocks off, but then again, it seemed like maybe he wanted more from me as he would say the most romantic things and get my hopes up.. After a while he would only call me on and off and sometimes when I would call he would not answer, only to call me later in a few weeks later and want to have sex...
My question is, did he ever feel the same about me and is all hope lost with him? He made it seem like he was into me but there were times I felt I wasn't sexually enough for him, I felt maybe he seeks perfection and well, I'm just not perfect. After 10 months and a physical relationship with him, our ending was really vague to me. I did not understand him. I went to see him and didn't offer what he wanted and he seemed to make it clear, then he went to kiss me when I opened up about whether it was me that he wasn't quite attracted to and he gave me one hell of a kiss. He told me to call him the week after and when I did, he blew me off, saying he had been talking to his ex at that moment and apologized....He texted once after, I ignored. He texted once more a few weeks later and I told him I no longer wanted to see him, he said pretty much "ok" and didn't beg me back or ask why, like i had initially thought he would.

Is there still hope for us to be together in the future and did he ever reciprocate my feelings or was he just lying to me the entire time to use me to his advantage? How does he feel about me now that I no longer communicate with him?

He wants to chase what runs away. When you were too available to him he lost interest. when you were no longer available to him he was interested again. That is just how his mind works.
The point here is that the timing is not right for him to be in a committed relationship. You have become addicted to this guy, which is common and it is a powerful thing that you just can't get out of your mind.
He is not ready for a mature, committed relationship. So I suggest that you give him what he wants ( subconsciously) by playing games with him. In my experience when you play games with a player ( which he is) and you play the game of
Tease and then run, so he has to chase, and if he sees that you have other guys chasing you, he will follow his instincts and chase.
This is how I won the heart of an ultimate player. The problem is that eventually I tired of playing games and found someone stable. I hope you are able to do the same some day, but that is a choice you make and not a prediction. You do have a choice in this matter.



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