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Love Spell On A Platonic Friend

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What i actually wanted was to sort of give a nudge to someone to become a closer friend that's exactly how i formulated my wish..I performed it 4-5 times over the duration of a month and some weird things happened ....

The person on who i directed the spell is a family member of my BF - this is why i said that i didn't intend the spell to make him want me romantically/sexually or whatever, since i'm already in a relationship and so is he. We've met a few times usually once a month when we all had time to get together..we had LOTS of fun at these outings and i found that we have a lot of things in common (interests, tastes)..

Since then we started chatting regularly and keeping in touch on facebook and it amazed me how easy and smooth communication went between the two of us (both online as well as in person) and how many subjects we could discuss about... everything was fine except that i really wanted him to feel more comfortable about coming over to visit us and generally not being excessively polite - ....

But then i did the spell a couple more times and... the WEIRD things happened..: first, out of the blue, some state of incredible restlessness/yearning came over me (this happened twice) and it was so bad that for an hour or so, i couldn't concentrate on anything else but wanting to meet him and made great efforts not to write to him or (worse) call him and say something stupid... my body was literally shaking with this state and i was really spent when i managed to calm down.

And then... one night i had a dream about dancing with him, the dream was SO vivid that I not only remember it visually but remember very clearly the feeling of him holding me in his arms and whispering something in my ear (i don't remember what)... and then...jees,this is so embarrassing!.. i woke up on the verge of orgasm..just from what i described above.... This was and IS very shocking to me, because I've never had anything like this happen to me before!

Well, after this, i remember performing the spell once more (2 weeks ago i think) and then stopped because i noticed that he (the recipient of the spell) had gradually reduced the frequency of our communication on facebook and then, he kind of stopped it altogether.. almost as if he is ignoring me on purpose. It's not that he's busy, i can see that he has daily activity on fb, it's just that he's not 'liking'/commenting on my posts anymore..at all! whereas my other friends still do, just like always...

I don't know why this happened - was it because i did the spell after the 'event' i mentioned... and the energy might have been somewhat..off.... Or, could it be because of him too? - i remember noticing on a few occasions when we were together that he got quite close to me (like sniffing my hair, brushing my fingers or sitting so close to me that our legs touched) but i didn't think much of it because he is a touchy-feely, relaxed and warm character...and this is not a big deal when people get together in tight spaces and have a drink or two :)...

I don't know what to do right now and i'm afraid that i might have messed up our chance of becoming good friends and i really regret it because i really don't get to meet someone so compatible with me everyday!

I'm really in the dark about the cause of the way things are now (and I CAN'T just ask him about it because i'd look pushy and that's the last thing i want; even more so if that could attract the attention of our partners - i know mine could be irked about it, since he's a bit the jealous type)...

That's why i'm in great need of advice from someone who knows about these things better.. like you certainly do :)

The thing is that you created a strong bond between you two that amplified the underlying currents of sexual attraction that had been hiding beneath the surface.. Hence you had sexual feelings for him and he for you. He feels it strongly and handles it by pulling back as he knows that it is best to resist it. If he contacts you it will increase the intensity so he avoids hoping it will go away.
Here is the thing , when you do the ritual, it creates a bond and any feelings that me be dwelling beneath the surface will come up and often with an intensity..
He is shy so when he feels something so strongly that he knows could be a problem with your respective relationships , he will pull back and withdraw...
You cannot change a persons nature or personality with a ritual, you can only amplify whatever feelings that are there to begin with.
Thank you for your feed back. I am always interested in hearing the experiences of those who practice these rituals.
Anyone had any experience with doing the ritual please feel free to send then to me through my free psychic question link.

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