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My career and finances are in a mess and I am swimming in debts

Good day Joan,

God bless you on all that you do to help people who need it and thank you for offering the free psychic reading!
My career and finances are in a mess and I am swimming in debts.
My main question is whether I am going to come out of this situation okay or if there is more serious trouble ahead for me. I fear negative things being exposed about me, losing my job or getting in trouble with the authorities and people I owe.
Please shed some light on this for me...

Sometimes we need to be in our darkest of hours in order to appreciate and fully embrace the sunlight.
Universally, these are some dark times. For better or worse, we are in an economic slump.
The decadence and opulence of yesterday, we can dream of. Those are just dreams though. It is with us no more.
However, that does not mean we collectively as humanity cannot build new dreams and new possibilities.
For you, the best is yet to come for you. Your light burns clear. Rather than seeing your current challenges all as negative, you need to understand that these are tests to prepare you for happier times. You have no clue how great these days are going to be! The secret to making it through these times is to find part time contract work and set up small business on the side, experimenting to see which ones work. There is a new economy developing
out there and to take advantage you must learn by watching trends in whatever interests you to find several small niches to work on to bring income. Jobs are scarce and these are times of making small bits of money in
a variety of ways so they add up to an amount that can support you.
But, you have to hang in there. Sometimes when you are in the middle of the lion's den, it is difficult to imagine all of the possibilities. But, they are there. It is just going to take some time, courage, and a little faith in the universe.If you ned help in finding your path be sure to ask your free psychic question. This is your unique journey at the moment. When you resurface from this, you will be a little wiser, happier, and ready to dance in sunshine.
Hang in there.
Much love,



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