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My ex girlfreind is driving me crazy flirting with other guys

More free psychic question email, this one really pulled at my heart.

I've come to you for help, but I am not sure it is the right things to do.
My ex-girlfriend has broken up with me almost 3 months ago. We've been together for 3.5 years and within the last 6 months she just changed. She would go out with her male friends and come back to tell me that she didn't know if she had feelings for them and whether to give them a chance. We tried to talk things out and she said that she just wanted to be single. I asked her if she wanted to see a counselor to work on our relationship, and she agreed, but after our first session, she told me in the car that she was out until 5 am the night before with her friends, and she was flirting with a guy. She let this guy massage her and he started to touch her inappropriately but she slapped him and told him off. I tried to remain calm as possible and we ended up having a nice day together, but she didn't apologize for what she did or showed any remorse.

The next day, she sends me a text message and I lost control. I swore back calling her names, saying that she didn't care that she cheated on me. And it all went downhill from there

We are barely speaking, she avoids me when I show up at her house.
She no longer answers my calls and I hear she is going out dancing with her girlfriends and flirting with guys.
We were planing to get married and were saving ourselves for marriage.
Now she is going wild,
How do I get her back and have her show me some respect? How do I get her to come back and marry me as we had planed?
How do I fix this situation?

Here is the situation and yes, it is going to drive you crazy. But I have a solution.
First of all she is not quite ready to settle down. She does need to sew some wild oats before she marries. She is just not ready for that commitment and it has nothing to do with you, she would do this with anyone.
However, your trying to end this "lark" she is on will not bring her back but will push her away more. So here is what you do.
You appear to be moving on, go out and date, look like you scoping out other girls and make some new female friends:)
When she sees that she could be loosing you, she will pull back just a bit and worry that she might have lost you. You see she is confidant that you will be waiting there for her when she is ready, but you must show her by your actions, that you are not.
Now , this will not bring her back right away, but it will make her worry. If you are not calling, texting or talking to her family or friends, if you appear to have moved on, she will want to stay in touch.
Part of the problem is that she is becoming in touch with her sexuality as she had been missing that part of life and she needs to feel some excitement. She needs to feel this for YOU. So start being the bad boy she wants and placing that thought in her head by going out and meeting other women to flirt with. BE a bad boy. It will get back to her.
If you do this right, you will find her turning her attention to you, but you must stop trying to get her to respond to texts or calls.



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I read somewhere that if the girlfriend has left you with no big reason then maintaining no contact with your ex can actually help winning her back, because she will eventually start craving for you with the passage of time. I believe that the advice has actually worked for me.


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