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Should I wait for him or should I move on?

Here is another one I get often in my free Psychic Reading Questions.

Q. I don't know if this guy has feelings for me. Should I keep waiting for him or move on..

A.If you want him to move faster, don't be as available to him. Make it appear that you might be dating others.

Waiting for him is counterproductive. If you wait, why should he rush to try to win you back?
He may care for you, but if he is not moving to be exclusive with you, then he is taking you for granted and wants to keep his options open to date other girls.
You want to win him, beat him to the punch... Don't be so available to him, make him schedule to see you... Make him work for your attention..
When he asks you if you are dating others, let him know that you don't know if he has feelings for you..... So you chose to keep your options open.....
This will change his attitude towards you and make you more interesting to him.....Guys naturally like what they have to chase, what they have to earn...

Otherwise you are just easy sex....

Of course a psychic reading can help you determine the status of his feelings for you...



I've been seeing this guy for almost 10 years and just recently last year he started distancing himself I'm not spending much time with me like we used to or hold me and his arms like he used to it seems like I only see him when he wants something he's been in I really bad traffic accident about almost 3 years ago and we haven't been intimate for seven years and I've been faithful and loyal to him,before he never ignored my phone calls until recently last year but before that he never ignored me I don't know what to do I'm confused and hurt

Marie F Smith

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