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Tools of Healing Falling from the Heavens

Tools of Healing Falling from the Heavens, Guest blog by Lucy Tambara.

When I was a graduate student at Indiana University, Bloomington, a Tibetan singing bowl found its way to me.
My close friend, who worked as a reki healer, gave me the bowl as a birthday gift.
He explained to me that Tibetan singing bowls are always given as a gift. He tuned my bowl to my energy vibrations and targeted the third eye chakra. His said the bowl would help me to be become more at ease with the fact that I was a sensitive and intuitive.
Meditating with a singing bowl is an intense experience. As you become more experienced with your bowl, you find that it instantly opens up the chakras and memories that you suppressed.
I also call singing bowls the Advil of new age healing. I have used the bowls to ease menstrual cramps and headaches. They also come in and quickly work towards improving your state of mind.
Singing bowls are a great for people that are tuned into vibrations as a form of healing. As a person who plays the guitar the tremors of the chords affect me immensely. So musicians out there struggling with their creative demons may find the singing bowl to be of immense help.
One freaky issue with the singing bowls is that if you are a sensitive, the strong vibrations accelerate healing and you will be prone to intense exhaustion during your time with your bowl.
When I received my bowl, I was going through a time of major shifts. I left my boyfriend of a year, and I was living a thousand miles away from home.
The minute that I started using the bowl, I hit very dark places. But, I knew I had to face the darkness in order to move towards the next chapter of my life. Singing bowls are not for the faint of heart. They will challenge you. They force you to see parts of yourself that you may not want to see. But, with deep meditation and a little faith, you will overcome this.
I remained committed to my practice and healing. I believe it was because of my singing bowl.
I was able to let go of my ex within a short amount of time and have the strength to make positive changes in my life. I finally got the guts to travel around the world. I moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico for six month on a whim. I believe the clarity I received from the singing bowl facilitated this major life change.
I no longer own my singing bowl. I actually lost it while I was moving from Indiana back to Los Angeles.
But, I also felt I no longer needed it. The bowl would find itself a new owner who needed guidance and a way out of the darkness.
So, while you can easily buy a singing bowl on EBay. They are quite pricey. I believe these tools we use for energy healing appear in our life when we really need them. This thanks to the cosmos. Perhaps I will need another bowl in the future. If I do, I will pray silently and wait for one to reappear.
Lots of people spend hundreds of dollars every year on pendulums, amethyst necklaces, and other tools for energy work. I have always found that these tools literally fall from the sky in the form of gifts. I have always believed that my free-will will lead me down the paths I need to be.
By: Lucy Tambara

To read more of Lucy Tambara’s writings go to http://www. hipsterandthecity.wordpress.com


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