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Using psychic energy to manifest your desires

Joan performs a variety of services, which she does with you over the phone.
These include teaching you to raise and manipulate energy as well as attune your harmonic vibrations to a higher level to manifest what you want in life.
She also does aura cleansing, Chakra balancing, psychic protection, bringing in love, creating wealth as well as the occasional thought form, and love spells all of which she teaches you to do for yourself. However, with the latter, she cautions you to be careful what you ask for. Love spells have consequences. So she only does theses for individuals who meet a certain criteria, in which Joan feels that the union will be beneficial to both parties and has a potential of remaining happy.
Joan sends you a written copy of the procedure for doing the specified type of energy work and then meets with you over the phone at a specific time, to perform the spell with you, as well as teaching you to do it for yourself.



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