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What is most important when doing a love spell?

Here is another question from my free psychic reading email.

I want to preform your love spell but I cannot pronounce all these words. Is there any way I can do a shortened version of this?

The most important parts of this ritual is the raising of energy, setting of intent and casting the circle of protection...
I do not see the harm in doing it and it does bring you into their minds... If they not over whatever caused the breakup they will still think of you in that way but it will soften over time if you give them their space and continue to do the ritual.. If you do the ritual to set yourself in a better light in his mind, putting the thoughts of the good things between you two, then it can be effective over time. But It will take time and you will need to do it regularly. Once or twice a week is recommended for a particularly bad breakup.
It is also much, much stronger if two or more people do it together. If it is done with an experienced practitioner , then it can be really, really powerful..
The most important part is how the intention is set, what kind fo connection you make to them through a good memory and how much energy you build up between your hands before you send it out to them...

It is the connection you establish to them, the strength of the passion you feel for them, the humor you put into the thought along with it and the amount of energy you raise that you send to them that will impact how it affects them,...
So if you want to do a shortened version, at least be sure to draw up the life energy from the earth, use it to build your circle of protection , then focus on your connection with them while you build up energy using the life energy that you draw up while charging it with your passion, good memories and a healthy dose of humor. Remember that what you send to them will affect them so focus on doing things with love, good memories and a bit of a giggle as it will help to soften their negative perceptions that caused the breakup in the first place...

You may ask Joan your free psychic question about the mechanics of doing a love spell.



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