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Who will I marry?

I get this question a lot in my free psychic reading email questions.

Here is the problem. Not everything is about fate. We have choices in life and as a result in many cases, the future is not formed yet.

Yes, I know you expect me to see into the future and in many cases I can. But in this case, love is not always a matter of fate.

you were given free will so you could make choices. There are strong probabilities as to who will cross your path and that can be seen by a good psychic.

but the ultimate choice is yours. Destiny is a potential, not a promise...

So Hun, it is best to use your time time to focus on learning to flirt and experiment with dating over time, so you can make the right choices in finding and attracting the right partner.

Not everything is so cut and dried as you would like it to be.
You have free will and choices. So first you must choose an action to take, to create a situation where you will meet a potential partner...
As much as you would like to believe it, who you marry is not predestined or set in stone..
I want you to look around you and see how many relationships and marriages you see that did not work out.... If love was always predestined and meant to be, then all these relationships would have been happy ones....
Make careful choices as to who you spend your time with, who you allow yourself to bond with sexually, as in getting to know the person well, before you have sex with them.

This is particularly important for women, as science has taught us that good sex can actually cause you to become addicted to a man..
That is right, MRI scan have shown that when a woman who is in love is shown a picture of her lover, her brain show a activity in exactly the same place and exactly the same was as a crack addicts brain does when using crack....
And yes, a psychic can help lead you to find a good partner, but you must do the work in
Putting forth the effort to be in the places she sends you to...
A free psychic reading can also help you get on the right path to meeting a good life mate. But most of the time you must date a few people to learn about the dynamics of a relationship, before you are ready for a life long commitment..



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