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Why Did He Pull Away From Me?

You have experienced it before, the guy chases you like crazy. Everything was going well, you thought he was the one, you were sure he was in love with you. Then BANG out of the blue he stops calling or answering your texts as often and seems distant. What happened???

Well girls here's the scoop. Guys love to chase, but once the chase becomes reversed and he feels you are pursuing him, something in his deep subconscious starts to feel this disturbing feeling the you may not be the one. He doesn't even know why, he just feels differently about you. This is because his male instance to hunt has been disrupted and now he feels like the one being hunted and that causes his primal instincts to make him feel like he should run away instead of chase. Yep, deep down they are all cave men.

Now some guys like to lead women on to pursue them to show off to their guy friends that they have So many women chasing them, but they will never become serious about these girls or even respect them. They want the girl they have to work for, the girl they have to prove themselves, to impress to win over. this does not mean that you have to be cruel to him, quite the opposite. He likes that you accept him as he is, that you understand him. But he also likes that you have your own life outside of his and that you are independent and confidant enough that you do not need him to be the basis of your self esteem.

The worst mistake I have seen women make in new relationships is to text him first directly after you have been intimate with I'm. He needs time to process his feelings about you. To miss that moments you had and if you call or text him right away his primal instinct of being pursued will kick in and he will feel just a little less attracted to you.

I am constantly having women ask me why they guy who once professed to love her suddenly pulled away or even broke off the relationship. I always ask them "how many times did you call or text him first and how often) The answers are usually the same. She started calling and texting him many times, wondering why he did not respond, right after they became intimate. Some many times a day. OK girls, texting that much is for your female friends. Guys find your doing this to them a big turn off and will start to avoid you.

Guys see women who are constantly texting them as needy. I have recently seen a guy avoiding a girl he dated for two weeks because she started texting him all the time. He felt she was acting like a stalker. This is not the first time I have heard this complaint from guys. It is a consistent theme when guys talk about breaking up with the girl they have been seeing. So girls when you want to keep your guy, take it easy on the texts and allow him to do the chasing instead of you chasing him.

My advice, wait him out... No matter how long it takes, wait him out. if a guy is really into you, he will text when he is finished with his work or play and contact you when he is ready to see you. Remember that guys move much slower in relationships and calling and texting him repeatedly will not hurry things up. They will have the total opposite effect. So keep those fingers off your phone until he contacts you first and find things to keep you occupied until he reaches out to you first.



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