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Why Is My Boyfriend Avoiding Me?

Here is another common questions I get in my free psychic question email readings.

My boyfriend is not returning my calls or texts. He calls me when he wants to get together and have sex but the rest of the time he just ignores me..

He is avoiding you but that is because you are pursuing him. He needs time to miss you to appreciate you. If you appear to be too needy, he will pull away further.
My suggestion is to stop trying to initiate contact and give him his space, otherwise he will pull away more.
It is a strange things about men that most women don't understand. Guys LIKE to chase. Once the woman starts to chase them, the fun is over and the guy starts to loose interest... Often he looks for another woman to chase. This is the very reason men often have affairs. They like the excitement of the unknown the thrill of pursuit.
Once the excitement is over and the woman wants to "settle" into a relationship by calling him to make plans, he can often become bored and not even know what happened. Just that something is missing..
Many women often react to this in a way that pushes the guys away more. By calling, texting and pursuing the guys more to find out what is wrong. It is at this point that the guys start to avoid and stop calling. they may stay in the relationship for convenient sex, but the passionate love often wears off.
There is an easy way to change all this. Simply by backing off and not appearing not to be needy, but having a life outside the relationship.
Jealousy is a great aphrodisiac Having your own thing that might involve other guys can revive a worn out relationship pretty quickly. When a guy realizes that he might loose you to another guy, when he has had time to actually miss you without your pursuit, he often finds his desire rekindled.
So what may seem counter intuitive is the best tactic when it comes to relationships with men.
Keep them guessing and always let them be the ones pursuing. Never be the one who pursues even when he pull away.
If you feel your lover is pulling away, ask Joan how to best handle the situation in your free psychic question email reading.

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