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Why it is difficult for departed loved ones to communicate with the living?

Losing a loved one is always difficult. It may not be much consolation to yo but it is a natural part of life. I have lost both my parents, one in early childhood, and it leaves a an empty space in your life that one never completely gets over. The hard part is that your emotions, your sadness, clouds over your being able to sense when they are with you, watching over you.
We are trapped in this physical realm and they are in a place where there is more freedom. Freedom from pain. they are able to see many things, but they are also in a place where the laws of physics, time , space, energy and matter do not apply. They are not able to physically let you know they are with you.
You must be able to free yourself from pain and clear your mind in able to receive their messages to you.
You must let go and allow your instincts to lead you.

I would look for small signs at first. They often have to learn how to connect with us from their world over time, which is vastly different for them, in small ways at first.
Like anything else, communication from the other side, to our side, is something they have to learn to do as well... It is not so easy for them to reach across and not so easy for some on this side to hear:) This will take time... The point is that they want to communicate with you but they must learn to navigate their world and it then how to reach across so we can her them when they no longer have physical bodies.
Meanwhile the one who are serious about reaching their loved ones have to work on learning to make that subconscious connection ( which is the beat way for them to reach those in this world) between the worlds,.
And we have to learn to listen. It can be extremely frustrating and some give up. Or they keep trying but we do not always know how to listen.
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Iv lost both my parents I was told 6mth ago after I just lost my mam by a medium that my mam trying to get in contact with me but I must be blocing her due to it hurting but I wish I could contact my mam Idont fear bein hurt cos I know she loved me and nvr hurt me wot can I do to open up to recive her message pls helhelp.x.

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