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Why People Fear The Different

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Hi, will I become famous in my life, please respond, I am 14 and sing and play guitar and writes his own songs, my life is a living hell, I get bullied in school, my parents say im nothing and never will be nothing, I want to become famous and mock them. I am very sad.

Some people are more emotionally, intuitively, creatively or idealistically "open" than others.
However, people who are very attached to the security of a traditional ideal of "norm" or how things are to be done, viewed or perceived, are usually threatened and often hostile of ideas that may not fit into their ideal if the norm.
I honestly believe that some are just put on this earth to stay stuck in their "safe" metal mode that is very often limiting. They like to be the cogs in the machine and do not want to be anywhere outside of that which functions to put food on the table . There is nothing you can do to change their ideals as it is just too much work for them to stretch their imagination and they are concerned by social opinion, so they have no intention in contributing to any sort of mental, spiritual , creative or scientific evolution.
So it is best just not to discuss any creative or expansive thoughts with them.
sometimes it is just too much work for them to think any other way.
So it is best just to leave them be.
The problem here is that you are young and sensitive as many artists are
You definitely have the makings of an artist and a musician. Write about your pain, put it on video and learn to make your own you tube videos. The thing about being a performer is that someone will always mock you. It is learning to deal with it that makes you some one who is not afraid to be original.
If you stay true to yourself and learn that out of many detractors who are afraid of anything different, you will find a following and it will grow and you will become successful..
But art is all about how you deal with pain. Great mind always have had to face bullying and ridicule only to recognized as innovators later on.



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