Many people view psychics as all knowing beings. This is because they have been depicted this way in movies and TV. Shows. But this is simply not the case. You were given free will to make choices and a psychic can only predict your future once you have chosen a course of action. A good psychic can give you advice as to what is the best action to take, and they can tell you the outcome, but you MUST use your free will to take that action. Psychics are people who can perceive energy around people and situations. They process these impressions through their subconscious mind which most people have tuned out as they are focusing on everyday things. There are different types of psychic ability, Clairvoyance, which is when one sees things that are energy, or messages, caliraudiance, when they hear the answer, and empaths who feel the energy and feelings of those they read. You see we are all connected by energy, that is how we can "feel" what is going on with a lover, or "just know" when something is about to happen or someone close to us has something unusual going on with their lives. Anyone can be psychic, but some must learn how to develop it. Later, I will write about the different types of psychic ability and how to develop each.