How Psychic Ability Works

Have you ever had that “gut feeling” that you knew was right only to find out it WAS right? Well, that is a part of our natural senses that has been suppressed by our conscious mind in order to deal with the complications of daily life. In fact , we ALL have the natural ability to be psychic. When you train your mind to pay attention and be open to these hunches, you will receive them on a more regular basis and with more clarity than you ever thought possible.

People often have erroneous ideas as to how the process of receiving psychic impressions works. They get these from watching really bad movies and TV shows which tend to sensationalize psychic phenomena. But it is actually pretty simple. All psychic information is processed through our subconscious mind, and the problem is that most of us simply do not know how to listen. There is a massive amount of information that our subconscious must filter, as our conscious mind can only handle so much. Our conscious mind is conditioned to receive only what we feel we need to manage our daily lives. If it did not, we all would experience acute sensory overload. It would be like trying to read and process every newspaper and blog on the planet during your coffee break. Because of this information overload, we have tuned out our other natural, intuitive senses, and hence our subconscious mind filters most of this information out before it reaches our conscious mind. I find that learning to listen to your subconscious mind without trying to control it is the best way to train your mind to accept these intuitive impressions. The trick is learning to pay attention to the signals, the symbols, the feelings and the voice your subconscious mind uses to communicate. Do not try to force anything, it never works that way. You can slowly allow these things to come to you through meditation. In this way, you can learn to become psychic naturally. I find that many people sabotage themselves by trying too hard to make it happen. The secret is to let yourself relax completely and allow these things to come to you from your subconscious mind. This is completely different from any other discipline, as you must allow yourself to let go and your mind to simply blank. It will take some time, so you mustn’t feel rushed. When you feel you are ready to learn how to listen to that inner voice, read on. Relax, take some slow, deep breaths. Just for an instant to clear your mind of all thoughts. Try to wipe away all reactions to your day, all emotional responses to what has been happening in your life, and go blank. Most people cannot do this for long and you really do not have to do so for more than a few seconds. Now focus your attention on relaxing your whole body, muscle by muscle, pay attention to your breath. Just feel yourself breathing and then visualize your breath as anything you want, it can be colors, it can be a mist, it can be anything as long as you see it in your mind, moving in and out of your lungs. Now here is the trick: once you have relaxed and totally focused on your breath, change your focus and visualize a blank movie screen. Then just allow your mind to wander. Just watch what comes across. Do not try to control it, allow your subconscious mind to send any visuals it chooses. Your mind will start to show you pictures. They are symbols that represent something that is coming from your subconscious. It is a form of communication, but do not worry about that in the beginning. If you just allow it to happen, over time you will learn to decipher what the symbols mean. They will be uniquely individual to you. No two people are alike when it comes to how these things are communicated. In this way, by just training your mind to allow it to happen, by paying attention to what is coming through and when, you will begin to learn what each symbol, visual, color and voice means. Eventually, you will learn to understand the symbols that your subconscious mind uses to communicate an idea, a situation, a concept to you. Dreams, too, are a form of communication from your subconscious, and although they contain much information, most of us feel we need a descrambler to try to make sense of it all. The difference between your dreams and the visualization process I have described above is that, when you are visualizing, your conscious mind is present and you are consciously observing instead of being controlled by the dream. Sometimes, in addition to seeing pictures during this meditation, you might hear words. This is just another mode of subconscious communication. Don’t focus too intently on the specific words or what they might mean, just allow your mind to wander. After the meditation is complete and all of the information has been allowed in, you can then attempt to decipher what each thing meant. However, it is important not to put too much pressure on yourself to “understand” what every word or symbol might mean. This is something that evolves naturally, over time. The more you allow your mind to communicate with you in this way, the more you will understand what it is telling you, and eventually it will become more clear and direct. At some point, you may start to receive these symbols, these “communications,” during non- meditative times; during your waking, daily life. As you can imagine, this can be quite helpful. I do this meditation daily. I recommend doing it three times a week to start out. With time, you will become familiar with the signals you receive and you will be able to get these messages instantaneously. That is when those “gut feelings” will start to make sense

All About Psychic Ability

Many people view psychics as all knowing beings. This is because they have been depicted this way in movies and TV. Shows. But this is simply not the case. You were given free will to make choices and a psychic can only predict your future once you have chosen a course of action. A good psychic can give you advice as to what is the best action to take, and they can tell you the outcome, but you MUST use your free will to take that action.

Psychics are people who can perceive energy around people and situations. They process these impressions through their subconscious mind which most people have tuned out as they are focusing on everyday things.

There are different types of psychic ability, Clairvoyance, which is when one sees things that are energy, or messages, caliraudiance, when they hear the answer, and empaths who feel the energy and feelings of those they read.
You see we are all connected by energy, that is how we can “feel” what is going on with a lover, or “just know” when something is about to happen or someone close to us has something unusual going on with their lives.

Anyone can be psychic, but some must learn how to develop it. Later, I will write about the different types of psychic ability and how to develop each.