Sometimes when a guys loves you, he still has issues with having his wings clipped.
It is the old push/ pull of wanting you to be there for him, but not wanting to make a commitment.
Women often find this extremely confusing and do not know how to handle it.
They do not realize that men’s emotions don’t process in they same way because their brains work differently. They feel that have to be psychic to understand him.
So far too often the unfortunate female makes the fatal mistake of trying to reassure the man that she does in fact care for him, hence causing him to pull away further.

So what to do when your guys pulls away?


Psychics can help you with this, but I also have some practical advice in this situation that works 99% of the time.
Not to worry, When he pulls away all you have to do is give him his space. Do NOT chase him in any way. Do not text, call or email him. He needs time to process his emotions and realize he misses you. If you do not give him this space, he will consider you needy and demanding ( despite all your best intentions to “reassure” him that you care for him) and he will NOT have time to misses you, hence he will not fall in love with you.

You see, when he feels himself missing you and then worrying that he may have los t you, he will come running back. I say this because I have sen this happen over and over ( and over) agian. If you have made the mistake of persueing him in the past and he has distanced more, only to have you bring him back with sex, but he still will not commit to you, wait for one of his pull backs. When this happens, if you play it right, he will come back , humbled by his own attachment to you and he can be all yours. IF you have stood up for yourself by not waiting him out, getting on with your life and made him SCHEDULE time with you rather than being available at his first whim.
If you are too available, if he does not have to work for your attention, he will not respect you.
Men actually WANT to have to work for and earn your attention. They will tell you they do not like to “play games” but I have never seen a man who respected any woman who was too easily available to him. There was always a pull back and how he reacted to her depended on how she handles his pulling back.
Remember, it is a mans instinct to chase the girls. However, he never wants the ones who chase him. So do not pursue. How do you get him to pursue. Well that depends on the type of man he is and what his tastes are. You can learn more about your guy by asking Joan a free psychic Question