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Free will and how you use it is everything and always the deciding factor even when it comes to things that destiny has laid in your path. - Joan Marie Lawson

The reason we offer you a free psychic question is simple. We want you to have the opportunity to find a psychic who you can connect to and who has the accuracy and ability to give you the kind of advice you are truly seeking.
Psychics simply use the energy of “that which connects us all” to see what is happening around you. They perceive the thoughts and feelings of those you are inquiring about to help you make informed decisions to bring you the best results.

Many people expect us to “see the future” and often we can. But you must understand that the future is in your hands. You were given free will so you can create your own destiny. Destiny is a potential, but what you do with that potential is up to you and your actions are what determine your future. A good psychic can help you see which path to take to reach your desired destiny. Be it by giving the right love advice, career advice or making you aware of what path your present actions have taken you on and how you might change it. This is why we offer you a free psychic reading. So you can experience our advice for yourself and understand the value of a true psychic and how their guidance can vastly improve your life.

There are so many scams out there. Many we have written about at length. The internet is filled with so called “psychics” promising to bring your lover back, or telling you have “ bad energy” causing you to have bad luck and asking you for money to fix these issues. The problem is that when you pay them money and get no results, they keep telling you that there are too many “blocks” or “ bad energy” and keep asking you for more money. Often they threaten you that things will never get better if you don’t keep paying them. Please avoid these types of people.

At Psychic Window, we will do energy work, Reiki healings and energy manifestations if asked. But only if we feel that there is a good potential of gaining results. We never fall to making promises or threats and all work is done over the phone with you. There are many articles to the right of this page explaining how this works if you would like to learn more.

So if you would like to learn more ask any of our talented psychics your free psychic question and feel free to use our automated Tarot Program as many times as you would like absolutely free to get your free tarot reading.

Many blessings and much love to you,

Joan Marie Lawson.

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The Science and Mysticism of Love

I cannot count how many times people asked me" where is my soulmate, when am I going to find love?"  Yet the real question from a psychic's point of view is not about when but about how. Not only that, but once you have found love, how to keep it intact.This is a very complex issue as men and women are very different in the way they think and the way they approach relationships. Hence, misunderstandings are frequent as are disappointments.

My Mistakes Using the Law of Attraction in Manifesting Love

I’ve used the Law of Attraction well and I’ve used it horribly. Ultimately all of this taught me how to get what I want. This is a very important concept to understand the creation process in your life, never mind in manifesting love.  What you attract to you depends greatly on the clarity of the images you are projecting and the state of being you are in. There is a reason I tell clients they can create and have whatever they want during their free psychic reading. However, you need to understand how the Law of Attraction works.

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