If you have dreams about things that then happen , this means that your psychic ability is developing. These things may not seem significant, but your mind is trying to become in tune with future sight. Not all things are set in stone. Sometimes you can see things and change them. Sometimes you can’t. Simply pay attention to these dreams and allow your mind to continue to process these things in any way it chooses. Eventually if you pay attention to them, they can become quite helpful in your life.

would suggest that you not mention this to many people though.
Unless people experience these things for themselves, they will not understand and often make fun of you. Take it from me, I had to live through that:) And when it does happen

It then freaks some people out . It can be quite upsetting to some who are extremely conservative in their beliefs, so be careful who you tell about this.

If you would like to discus your experiences with dreams you may do so by asking me your in free psychic question via email..

Psychic dreams can manifest in many ways. sometimes there are spirits that try to communicate with the living thorough dreams, this is not always easy for a spirit to do as out mind often takes control of the dream and makes it into something else. However, a true precognitive dream comes from out own natural developing intuition. If you are having these sort of dreams do not be afraid of them. They are coming from you and your connection to the ethereal, the life force that connects us all. this is a good thing and not dangerous in any way. It can be quite helpful if you pay attention to it..