Many people express curiosity as to how to have psychic visions in my free psychic Question email

Question. Joan I have been trying hard for years to have psychic visions but they just do not come. I focus all my energy on my third eye, but nothing happens. I have tried staring into a bowl of water like I have heard they did in ancient times and nothing came to me.What am I doing wrong?

If you want to see a vision, stop trying so hard. To much effort actually blocks these things. Let go and allow your subconscious mind take over..
Part of being psychic is to allow yourself to become distracted as in the way you are right before you go to sleep.. Relax, let go and allow yourself to become distracted.
I understand the desire to have psychic ability, but you already have it buried deep within your subconscious. The trick is to separate your view of the physical world, learn to quite your mind and just allow your deep subconscious mind to let go with any form of communication it can, without you blocking it with preconceived ideas and view from the physical world. We do not always know that our view of the world we are in and the way we have learned that it SHOULD be, actually block our psychic perception. We must let go of judgments and prejudices of what is real and what is not. Just let your mind go. Mediate by relaxing your body and imagining a blank movie screen and allowing an vision to be on that screen. It may seem like garbage , but eventually you will start to connect the conscious and subconscious mind.
the point here is that psychic ability is not something you force. It is something you slowly allow to happen.