My relationships start out well, but something always goes wrong

My relationships start out well, but something always goes wrong

I get a lot of ” things started off so well then went wrong” questions in my free psychic reading email. Here is a brief explanation of why this happens due to the stages in relationships.

My question has to do with relationship. I have not been completely happy with any of my relationships. Every guy that I do meet starts off well then comes the disconnect. Currently I am in a relationship, part of me feel like he needs to get himself together and he may not be really into me as much. Because of this I tend to loose interest and feel like it is a waste of time. What do you see for me in the relationship department and who is the man I will eventually marry?

All relationships go through stages. We cannot be totally in love all the time as it is natural at some point, to wonder if this is the person you want to be with forever.
When a relationship goes from the infatuation stage, to the questioning if you want to be with the person forever, stage and makes it through that , then it goes into the power struggle stage.
How you handle the power struggle stage will determine whether the relationship lasts or not.
So in short, your future love life depends on how you use your free will to deal with the “bumps” when they arise.
This one is not set in stone . For many, many people their life lesson is directly
tied to how you handle the conflict that arises when love turns into difficulty and how
to maneuver this stage in ANY relationship.

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