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Elementor #590

Here is a question I see often in my free Psychic Reading Email

My boyfriend and I recently broke up because he said didn’t feel he was in love with me anymore and didn’t see a long term future together. We have still being seeing each other occasionally and he is still very loving and affectionate towards me.We are still having sex. Does he think he has made a mistake and will he change his mind about us? Please give me your psychic advice as to what I should do.


ere is the thing. You must change something in the dynamic of the relationship for him to love you. You have been giving, accommodating and basically doing everything you could to make him love you. It did not work. Now I suggest that you hide your true feelings and become more of a challenge to him. Start to think about what is right for YOU. Start to do things on your own without him and let him know about it when he calls you. Do not call him or appear to chase, pursue, or in any other way seek out contact or his companionship first. Wait for him to call or text you.
He wants the thrill of feeling he is chasing a woman. He does not have to chase you, he knows he has you so his male instinct of the excitement of pursuit is not being triggered. There is no mystery, no challenge, no excitement in it for him anymore.

He knows he can have sex with you any time he wants so he will. But this will not make him love you. He will simply use you for sex. You must change this dynamic in your relationship with him if you do not want to end up as just a “friend with benefits”
You CAN have him, but not if you keep doing thing they way you have been. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.

If you appear to have more of a life without him, are doing something interesting on your own, something that may make you more interesting to other men, ( and other people) you have just upped your social value and your relationship value. He really does want someone that other men want, as jealousy is often a good thing:) A woman who has her own thing and is not “needy” towards him is more exciting to a man. A woman who has a stronger social circle is more desirable, this is an instinctive thing as humans are pack orientated. We are a social species as our survival was traditionally dependent on the strength of the tribe. If you are entirely dependent on him for companionship you have less value on the instinctual “tribal” level.

You must stop having sex with him. Chances are if you do he will try harder to BE with you as he likes the challenge. If he does not, then it is time to let go. He does not respect you and never will.

So go out and get involved in a project that makes you some new friends. It will make you a more interesting person to all the men in your life.

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