How do I get a guy to notice me?

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There is a man I feel overwhelmingly connected to – even though he
does not know who I am.
I have had VERY vivid dreams about him/us and I feel so strong for
him, like in my bones..
If there is potential for a future relationship, what should I do to
get in contact with him, in what context/scenario would it play out?

OK, you like the guy, you have seen him from a distance but he has not approached you and you are not sure that working up the courage to talk to him is a good idea.
So here is what you do to get this attention.
Find a way to be in his direct line of view, make eye contact with him and smile for three seconds and the look away as if you are shy. Toss your head, or your hair, look away then look back and play with your hair, smile and then look away again.
If he is interested and available he will get the message.
This also works in night clubs and other public places.
The point here is that guys are afraid of rejection too. So you must give him some non verbal signal that you are open to his approach.
Many women are shy and do not know how to encourage a guy, but if you want to be approached, you must show open body language and be willing to make eye contact.
I one had a girlfriend who was incredibly and naturally beautiful. However, she had trouble attracting men. when I suggested that she make eye contact she was so violently opposed to the idea that I gave up. The point that good looks are not as important as making a guy feel comfortable in approaching you by displaying the proper body language.

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