The danger in rebound relationships

Q I started dating a guy who just got out of a long term relationship. We have sex and it is great, but he tells me he isn’t ready to be in a relationship right now. He says he has a lot on his mind right now and needs to be free for awhile… I love him so much and I am just confused on what to do because we are sexual attracted and we talk almost everyday. i just need some advice please.

When people go through breakups, even if it they were in the relationship for a short time, they need time to heal. If they jump into a relationship right away it becomes a rebound and it never works out.
Men are often open to have sexual relationships, even when they are not emotionally ready to have a real romantic relationship. Their brains do not work the same way as a woman’s does, so they feel that sex is just a “bit of fun” and that do not understand why we can’t do ti without getting emotionally attached… Problem is that women DO become
emotionally attached through sex. Nature made us this way to keep families together…

A man will try to have sex to get his mind off his ex. The problem is that he has not quite healed, so he is still thinking of her and not ready to attach to you.. No matter how bad the relationship was, he needs to detox so he does not carry all his hurt and anger on to you…. I highly recommend NOT having a sexual relationship with a man who has not been away from his ex for at least five months, after his last long term relationship has ended… Like anything else emotional wounds time time to heal.. Often much longer than physical wounds..
Unfortunately, if you do not give him the space he needs to heal from his breakup you will loose him.. He has told you straight out the he is not ready . You must respect that or he will pull away and you will not have a relationship with him at all as he will see you as needy and emotionally immature.. If you need a way to determine if he is ready a psychic reading can help..
If he is being mature and telling you what he needs right now. You must not persist or you will appear immature and you will loose him. If you put your feelings aside and give him the space he needs he can be yours in the long run.. If you give him a shoulder to lan on without having sex with him, you have a good chance of building a friendship with him that can lead to more, as long as you give him tie to heal and allow him to approach you for a relationship in his own time.. to find out if he is ready, as a free psychic question.