Where is my Soulmate?

You will not like this answer, but I do not believe in soul mates. The story of soul-mates was invented by Euripides during a drinking game and storytelling contest in ancient Greece. It has nothing to do with what modern “story tellers” have made it out to be.

I know you want to believe that there is someone out there for you and I also believe that, but. Relationships are hard work, there is not one perfect person just for you.

You will have more than one choice and none of them will be absolutely perfect. We are human after all and to think that someone exists just for us is a bit egotistical. They are individuals just like us and flawed just like us. People are human and you must learn to accept a lovers shortcomings. Relationships are never perfect. But they can be good.

It is possible to find a good match in a life partner, but you must be willing to expect less than perfection. Love is about caring enough to be with a person when they are their worst as well as their best.

Now that being said, I do believe in love and am in a very happy relationship myself. He is as close to perfect for me as I have ever experienced and I am lucky to be with him, but he is human as am I and equally flawed. However, I love him for his flaws as well.

What I am trying to say is that you have choices in life. If you let go of your power to make your own choices and wait for fate to intervene, then you will not have as happy a life. Make a choice to date a bit to decide what will make you happy in a relationship and you will have a better chance of finding the right love for you.

A love that lasts a lifetime is a difficult thing to find. Sometimes we have many lovers in our lives. We go through this in order to grow and learn more about the dynamics of relationships.

So when someone asks in a free psychic reading “when will I met my soul-mate”.
I find myself slightly annoyed at the individual who started this whole idea, which has not done anyone any favors.
Psychics can help you find a good love. But It is not a good idea to expect fate to bring you perfection…

My suggestion is to try not to get involved right away just because you have instant passion. Then you will find your true life mate as a friend first.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with instant chemistry. Just that I have seen time and again, people who decided from the beginning, that strong chemistry right off the bat meant that this one was “the one”, only to be disappointing because there were traits within the relationship that didn’t mesh over the long run and caused the relationship to dissolve.

The true life loves I have seen that worked, where the ones who learned to grow together over time, stick out the rough times together and had a close bond of friendship over passion. Relationships are WORK!

They take nurturing and patience.