Learning to control your psychic perception takes time. In the beginning your psychic flashes will come and go at strange times and not always pinpoint on the things that really matter to you.


This is how it begins, by going on and off at sometimes random moments. Your emotions tend to interfere with your intuition. Learning to clam yourself by deep breathing and distracting your mind, helps a lot. Emotions cloud our vision which is why it is difficult for some psychics to read for themselves.
I find that doing something that clams your mind, such as binaural beat meditations or the energy manifestation mediation, or even yoga helps.
The difficult part is that when one tries too hard, then your perception will be blocked even more.

When I was a child we would do an exercise that involved sending and receiving that color of a card. I found that the most accuracy came when I would distract myself with something that had nothing to do with the card for a moment, putting it out of my mind and then immediately picking the first color that came to mind.
Calm, and distraction actually helps.. If you worry about it your perception will be blocked .Learning to relax, not putting pressure on yourself and then allowing your mind to wander will actually help your conscious mind to connect with your subconscious mind.

If you spend too much time trying to focus your conscious mind on “being psychic ” you defeat the purpose as what you need to do is allow your subconscious mind to connect with your immediate perception. It is through your subconscious mind that our psychic insight is received.
So I highly recommend that you try using binuaural beat music that will take you into the theta or delta mode to train your brain to be more open to your subconscious while you practice deep breathing and even some yoga to relax your body.
Tension is what blocks psychic insight.